have you got a green thumb? that´s your collection here, all followers of flowers and gardening are warmly welcomed to discover this beautiful collection. colorful plants, poster prints, old pictures, highly detailed botanical charts, the complete world of a botanical garden, ready for decorating on your white walls.

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fantastic rollable wall chart picture pea fruits apple pear quince kitchen
  • $155.00
vintage picture pull-down poster wall chart dandelion blossom countrystyle
  • $155.00
pull-down wall chart stone fruit cherry plum peach country style decoration
  • $155.00

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vintage biological wall chart poster, botany, plants, trees, the leaf
  • $155.00
horsetail ground pines green vintage botanical wall chart room decoration
  • $155.00
vintage picture print seeding plant wall chart decoration
  • $155.00
wall chart Jung Koch Quentell, biology, plants, maritime sunburst lichen
  • $145.00
vintage biological wall chart, plants, botany, agriculture, grasses, rye
  • $155.00
vintage wall chart, farm life, fruit farms in the old country, North Germany
  • $85.00
vintage rollable wall chart poster, botanical basic concepts, flowering plants
  • $75.00
vintage poster botanical wall chart runner fire bean scarlet runner kidney
  • $155.00
vintage poster pull-down botanical wall chart common European beech
  • $125.00
vintage poster rollable wall chart van Hagdahl collecting figs mediterrane scene
  • $135.00
vintage rollable biological wall chart overview of protected growing wild plants
  • $155.00
botanical poster wall chart poisonous plants black nightshade henbane datura
  • $155.00
botanic poster wall chart print healing officinal plants
  • $80.00
vintage poster rollable wall chart Jung Koch Quentell freshwater algae
  • $160.00
vintage botanical rollable wall chart herald of spring wild fruits with berries
  • $150.00